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Get your subject matter experts to engage with ease – in just 7-10 minutes


To make your content stand out, you need to provide something unique – something that readers can't get anywhere else.

That's going to come from senior stakeholders and subject experts in your company – but all too often, they're far too busy to invest time in content.

Sound familiar? 

This template will allow you to get that information out of their head and down on the page – using quick, concise bullet points – in just 7-10 minutes. Once it's filled out, you'll have everything you need to structure and flesh out a great article for your website.

We've tried it, tested it and refined it – and now you can reap the benefits, and start creating better, more insightful content today!

The download includes:

  • A version with instructions to help you get the best out of the tool
  • A clean version, ready for issue to stakeholders
  • A link to a Google Docs version, ready for you to copy and share internally

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